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Birthdate:Apr 19
Location:Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Website:My official site as a writer (OMG!)
I'm a woman of many talents, tastes and experiences.

If there is adventure, I'm there. If it's new, I'm there. I live life to the limit and as full as I can live it. I lived the first part of my adulthood in regret, and I decided that it was only holding me back and I couldn't live with that anymore.

I'll be the one on the motorcycle you see on the highway. The one that skin dives and apologetically winks at you if you caught her "skin" diving out so far in the middle of no where that the only people that get there - get it.

Grab life by the horns and don't let go until they bury you!

I am an avid outdoorsman as well as, perhaps truly ironic, as risk-taking and adventurous as I am, I tend to use as much safety equipment as I am functionally able to use - but I make it look good.

Words that people have used to describe me: Adventurous, unapologetic, environmentalist, animal-rights believer, "measured risk-taker", home-maker, gearhead, history nut, "she of many talents", artist, and loving wife.

Hey, at least when someone writes my epitaph, it will be a full one!

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

Play Guild Wars? Look up "Selena La Rune"

I also play EVE Online... but I'm not giving up my profile there ;)

Miiro has found her way into anime and likes Bleach! Who knows where else she'll pop up?

Doctor Who: The Legacy Website
I created this fan series, but it's outgrown just me and sort became like a hydra. My husband and another person created this for me to showcase the fan series. I'm blown away by the feedback.
Doctor Who: The Legacy (Fan Series)
When the "Original" Doctor dies in his 13th incarnation, another rises to take up his mantle. This is the story of his granddaughter, Susan, and how she chose to walk his path after his death and continue the legacy he began. Prose based Web Series - A chapter is an episode and each season is a full 13 episode season like the TV Series, plus a few specials here and there.

The Kingdom of Walden Wiki
I created my own, original, fandom!
I'm up to four books now published with my publisher wanting two more. If you enjoyed my fan fiction, please consider supporting my original fiction too. My e-books are affordable and I occasionally have giveaways so you could even, some day, get a copy of my books for free. Yes, I always need help with the wiki, so if you happen to read the books and notice an article or entry needs to be made, or edited, please do.

Je suis une femme de beaucoup de talents, de gouts et d'experiences

Si c'est l'aventure, je suis la. Si c'est nouveau, je suis la. Je vis la vie a la limite et aussi complete que je peux la vivre. J'ai vecu la premiere partie de ma vie adulte dans le regret, et j'ai decide qu'il etait seulement me retirer et je ne pouvais plus vivre avec ca.

Je serai de la moto que vous voyez sur l'autoroute. Celui qui plonge la peau et sans détour clin d'œil à vous.

Prenez la vie par les cornes et ne pas lâcher prise jusqu'à ce qu'ils vous enterrer!

Je suis un adepte du plein air ainsi que, peut-être vraiment ironique, que la prise de risque et d'aventure que je suis, j'ai tendance à utiliser les équipements de sécurité autant que je suis en mesure d'utiliser fonctionnellement - mais je fais bien paraître.

Les mots que les gens ont l'habitude de me décrire: audacieux, sans remords, environnementaliste, croyant les droits des animaux », mesurée preneur de risque», ménagère, réducteur, écrou histoire, dit-elle aux multiples talents ", l'artiste et épouse aimante.

Au moins, quand quelqu'un écrit mon épitaphe, il sera un plein!

Écouter Guild Wars? Mon personnage est Selena La Rune.

Miiro a trouvé son chemin en anime et aime Bleach!
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